Our Company

The PPM Group commenced operation in Victoria in 1978 working on projects like Loy Yang and expanded to Western Australia in 1985, where we provided project controls on projects such as Westralian Sands, Cooljarloo Mine (for Minproc Limited and minor services for Matilda Minerals) as well as more than 50 heavy materials handling projects such as gold, iron and nickel resources. The PPM Perth office now operates autonomously with locally based management and a team of consultants. PPM has completed services on more than 350 projects during the past 27 years.

The total value of projects serviced during this period now exceeds AU$55 billion. Projects serviced by our Group range in value from less than $1 million to $800 million.  Recent or current projects include services on Roy Hill, CSR Group, CSI at Carina Iron Ore and Cliffs Koolyanobbing mine,  and Wiluna U3O8 project for Toro Energy.

Our record of achieving successful results for our clients is excellent.  PPM projects are almost always completed within schedule and budget. The project quality is determined by the requirements of our principal rather than by engineers, suppliers or contractors.

PPM achieves results through committed, experienced and quality personnel.  Our approach is always long term.  We recognise that the client’s success is directly related to our own success.  PPM has the relevant experience to assist in any project.  We play a direct hands-on role while working very closely with the client to manage the project towards achieving the desired outcomes.

We believe that by concentrating on the essential management functions, we are able to achieve successful, quality project delivery, free of conflict of interest.  PPM generally does not itself undertake engineering design and we are therefore not pre-committed to any delivery method, or form of contract.  We also have no permanent affiliation with any groups of designers or contractors.  Our only commitment is to our clients and our services are always tailored specifically to each client, for each individual project

Our mission at PPM is to achieve successful results for our clients in the delivery of their projects.

PPM has grown to its present strength, by fulfilling this mission on each individual project.