Construction Management

By leveraging our experience on some of the most challenging developments, we assist clients in meeting time, cost, quality and other identified targets by applying sound management techniques for the planning, design and construction of a project. Our  construction management control framework includes communication, coordination and techniques focused on increasing the efficiency of the construction process.

With PPM construction management service, we bring to your organisation a flexible approach which also includes health and safety and quality management to represent the client’s interest which may include a total project management solution or specific elements to complement the client’s capabilities.

Our construction management services include:

  • Initiate contract administration procedures
  • Oversee that quality assurance procedures are implemented
  • Coordinate establishment of models, prototypes and display areas
  • Coordinate documentation for fast tracking
  • Identify potential delays and propose/initiate remedial action
  • Process progress payments
  • Monitor expenditures against budget and provide updated projections
  • Identify potential cost overruns and evaluate/ initiate alternatives
  • Evaluate claims and manage disputes
  • Maintain documentation control and recording
  • Monitor consultant performance
  • Monitor contract compliance
  • Report to Project Control Group Meetings
  • Maintain management of our reporting systems for time, cost, and quality _
  • Settle outstanding claims
  • Administer defects liability period
  • Process final certificate
  • Settle final consultant fees
  • Collate warranties, manuals and as-built drawings
  • Negotiate maintenance contracts for building services